The Importance of Regular Pediatric Check-ups

Childhood can sometimes seem to go by very quickly, and nowhere is this more apparent than in the physical changes your child experiences. These changes are constant, therefore regular pediatric check-ups are very important, and while some of the specific reasons will be explored below, you can learn more by reaching out to your Milwaukee, WI, children's doctor, Dr. Devang Gandhi at Pediatric Care Clinic.

School and Sports

Although they do not necessarily take the place of the yearly check-up, most schools recommend a physical examination prior to the beginning of the school year, and for your children to participate in team sports and physical education. But that these are common requirements highlights the importance of regular examinations.


Regular checkups can help your doctor keep track of your child's development and make sure that they are meeting their milestones. These types of physical examinations and check-ups are by far more common from birth until a child's first year of age. But as you're well aware, they don't stop growing when they become toddlers, so even though the changes are not as rapid there are still milestones to measure.

Chronic Conditions

Early detection and early treatment are preached by health professionals from just about every field, and there's a good reason for that. With regular check-ups, your child's doctor can detect any potential issue and offer treatment as soon as it is possible. Early treatment is usually the least invasive and most successful, and even when treating chronic conditions it's still very important to begin treatment early. An often-cited example is asthma, which cannot be cured, but with treatment, the most damaging symptoms can be gotten under control, allowing your child to experience an active life.

Children's Doctor in Milwaukee, WI

There are many more reasons why regular check-ups are important, namely vaccines, developing healthy habits, and developmental health. You can learn more about these and other topics by scheduling a consultation with your Milwaukee, WI, children's doctor, Dr. Gandhi at Pediatric Care Clinic, by dialing (414) 442-6970.

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